OZ-DMR.NETWORK was originally setup to fill a gap that was seen with in the Amateur Radio Service. However as time progressed with the discovery and development of FreeDMR, it was decided to join and ride FreeDMR wave that was getting more and more popular.

FreeDMR was setup to make experimentation within the Amateur Radio Service less of a problem when attempting to expand and reach other Radio Amateur’s. OZ-DMR.NETWORK is pleased to be part of this wave.

OZ-DMR.NETWORK retains it’s own Talk Groups which are not forwarded to FreeDMR. These talk groups may be connected to other modes to allow access from outside OZ-DMR. You can find these listed here.

OZ-DMR.NETWORK would like to thank Simon G1RZU for his help with some technical issues that have arisen during the wave riding after connecting with FreeDMR. His help and advice has been very valuable. Have a look at Simon’s thoughts about the FreeDMR network and the vision behind it.

OZ-DMR.NETWORK also has and will continue to develop to make the journey for both OZ-DMR.NETWORK and FreeDMR users a better experience than other Digital Systems that can be found today.

OZ-DMR.NETWORK would also like to thank Jared VK2WAY for helping us add more systems, modes and features to our network. Jared is the SYSOP for FreeDMR Australia.

We would also like to thank the following for the continued and dedicated work for the software and services that OZ-DMR uses. Below is a short list. We would also like to thank those who have not been listed here. We appreciate what you have contributed.


IPv6 Certification

IPv6 Certification on 26-06-2021. If you would like your IPv6 certification head over to IPv6 Certification (he.net)


IPv6 Certification Badge for m0glj