OZ-DMR NETWORK is your network. Built for you to use the your way you want. We hope that you enjoy using OZ-DMR NETWORK and support us.

You can do pretty much anything you want to do while connected to us. BUT, whatever you do, be mindful that there are other users on the network and please don’t degrade the network or create loops by connecting RF devices on the same frequency close to each other.

Also, don’t make connection from OZ-DMR NETWORK to other systems without getting permission first. Users that do this will find that they are no longer welcome on our network. You have been warned and there are NO second chances.

OZ-DMR NETWORK is partnered with FreeDMR NETWORKand will abide by the guideline set out by them. The best plan would be to contact our team and explain what you plan to do. Our team will be able to help and give you some advice on the best way to achieve your goal.

Why Use OZ-DMR?

OZ-DMR NETWORK offers many features that other networks do not.

  • Go to any talk group with only the minimum number of talk groups pre-programmed into your radio. Dial-a-TG lets you access any and all talk groups from talk group 9 on Slot 2. No need to keep reprogramming your radio when you want to access new talk groups.
  • Single mode stops you being locked out of the talk group you had been talking on as another talk group takes control.
  • Network settings you have been told this is it and you have to follow. Have your settings as you want them via options or advanced options and override the network defaults. Hang-times, Languages, Static talk groups, Voice Idents and much more.
  • Static talk groups via Pi-Star and OpenSpot you can set without registering for an account – No more having to give your information to strangers.
  • No emails and waiting for a confirmation email that never seems to arrive.
  • No more passwords you have to remember.
  • Moving to a different server away from OZ-DMR NETWORK to a FreeDMR NETWORK server, your settings follows you.
  • Languages and Voice Idents, pick the language that announcements reply back to you via advanced options for Pi-Star.
  • Move to new talk group without the need of a 4000 unlink.
  • Have your own talk group via your 7 digit ID number. Just use your 7 digit ID as a talk group

Who is FreeDMR NETWORK ?

FreeDMR NETWORK is the freedom for Repeater/Gateway Keepers and Hotspots Users to have full control of what happens instead of being told what has to go where.

We look forward to a great and bright future. FreeDMR is a DMR Network for Amateur radio users around the world. The FreeDMR NETWORK website is http://freedmr.uk/

Who can Connect ?

OZ-DMR NETWORK is available for any Licenced Amateur Radio Operator with a DMR ID to connect to and use.

Repeater’s are welcome to connect but must complete the application found here before connecting. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact our team who will answer any question you have.

Also you might like to join our telegram group for faster answer to your questions. You can find a link to our telegram group on the right hand side of this page.

We also have a Talk Group 23595 in the United Kingdom and Talk Group 50595 in Australia for you to use and is also used for re-transmit Audio News Services from various Amateur Radio Services from around the world.

Terms & Conditions

OZ-DMR NETWORK will uphold and abide by the TERMS & CONDITIONS set out by FreeDMR NETWORK. The Talk Groups mentioned in the document apply to our UK server and the equivalent set of Talk Groups will apply for AUSTRALIAN server will apply there. The MCC of the United Kingdom server is 235. The MCC of the Australian server is 505.


The TERMS & CONDITIONS document is available on the FreeDMR NETWORK webserver and can be viewed HERE