Audio News Service

OZ-DMR is proud to provide the followings streamed AUDIO NEWS SERVICES. We provide these broadcasts in co-operation with FreeDMR Australia and this list below is streamed locally.

Please contact us if there is a Audio News service for Amateur Radio that you would like to see here. See the calendar listing below to see what we available. Also, if you see any error’s, please contact our team.

Feel free to add the Audio News Service Calendar to your device to know when the next Audio News will be streamed. A link is at the bottom of the calendar.

This audio news can be heard on the following talkgroups on both the OZ-DMR Network and FreeDMR as these Talk Groups are bridged.

OZ-DMR Talk Groups
United Kingdom
TG 50595
TG 23595

We also offer a few podcasts that are not suitable for transmission over RF. The full list of AUDIO files are available on our AUDIO Server

This News re-transmission has been suspended temporarily due to technical difficulties. We will restart as soon as possible.


Click on the news service below to get more details about it.
Please note that the time here are UK LOCAL time.