Q. What do I need to access OZ-DMR ?

A. First you will need an Amateur Radio Licence and a DMR ID. This can be obtained from RADIOID.net. There is a link in the LINKS menu above.

You will need a radio which can be obtained from many radio dealers. One dealer that OZ-DMR NETWORK uses is MASON ELECTRONICS. These guys are very helpful and will do their best to get you the radio you need for your requirements.

There are many RF ways to access OZ-DMR NETWORK. These including Pi-Star, MMDVM Devices, OpenSPOT and Repeaters. You will need some hardware with Pi-Star which requires the user to put a few components together and doing some basic configuration.

MMDVM boards are available on Ebay, Amazon and many other places on the internet.

There is also a software solution called DUDESTAR.

Q. What mode(s) are used with OZ-DMR NETWORK  ?

A. Currently, the main mode is DMR. However, with bridging software it is possible to access the system via other mode which include YSF, NXDN, P25, M17 and D-Star.

Q. Is there any plans to add other modes ?

A. When other modes become available, they will be added. If there is a mode that you know of that we currently don’t have connected to OZ-DMR NETWORK , please contact us and we will look at getting that mode connected.

Q. I have an issue but I don’t see how I can sort it ?

A. Contact one of our team members and we will do our best to help you work out a solution. Click on the link in the menu above to contact an OZ-DMR NETWORK TEAM members.

Q. How can I support OZ-DMR NETWORK ?

A. The best way to support OZ-DMR NETWORK is to spread the word and get your friends to use our servers. Another way is to make a donation to the running and development of our network.