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We are currently working on the NXDN protocol. We hope to have an NXDN config that will be linked to each of our talkgroups on our Australian and United Kingdom server respectively.

We currently have TG 23595 on NXDN and will apply for a TG for the Australian server when we have a good solution.

OZ-DMR Network – Australia – Released to the Amateur Radio Community

OZ-DMR Network – Australia has been released for use by the Amateur Radio Community. We look forward to a bright future and many QSO’s with other Amateurs. Please feel free to contact out team if you have any questions or ideas that might bring a better experience to us all.

The dashboard can be found at OZ-DMR Network – Australia and is in the host list of your hotspot and repeaters (For Repeater Keepers). It is listed as FreeDMR_OZ-Australia

We are happy to connect repeater for those repeater keepers who wish to move their to our servers.

OZ-DMR Network – Australia

We have just added a new server in Australia. Before we can release it for use by the the wider Amateur Radio Community, we need to find a human presence in Australia to handle the promotion and assist with the running of the server.

If you have linux (Debian) experience, Current Amateur Radio Licence, and would like to get involved with the running of a DMR server, please get in touch using our email form Contact OZ-DMR

OZ-DMR Reflectors

OZ-DMR has been busy setting up reflectors for you to use.
There is dashboards for following:

      • XLX
      • YSF
      • NXDN
      • P25
      • M17

All have been bridged to OZ-DMR TG 23595 except P25 and M17.

The BRIDGING of P25 and M17 hasn’t been completed but will be bridged when time permits.

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